Chic Minimalist Bathroom Using Floral Backdrop

Chic Bathroom Design With Claw Foot Bathtub And Floral Backdrop

There are a lot of ideas to design a bathroom. One of them is presented in the picture above that you can see. This time, the designer decide to use flower picture to beautify the room.

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This bathroom is equipped with a bathtub which is placed in the corner of the room. Usually, this strategy is used for a small bathroom, so the bathroom is able to look more spacious. The remaining spaces can be added with other facilities. As you can see, the space of this bathroom is relatively small. So, it is very important to utilize each part of the room wisely. If you can do that, it is not impossible for you to include all of the facilities in one room. Therefore, a corner bathtub is very suitable for this kind of bathroom. The faucet which is used for this tub is made of shiny metal and its design is quite simple.

Near the tub, there is an open shelf storage whereby the backdrop is designed with the drawing of flowers. This storage can be useful for you if you want to place the liquid soap or shampoo, and also some chic ornaments. Perhaps, you want to soothe your minds by inhaling an aromatic scent; thus, putting an aromatherapy candle is also a good idea. Thera are lovely draperies installed to cover the bathtub when it isn’t used.

The toilet is also available in this bathroom. It is installed on the wall. Next to it, a big washbasin is also there. The shape of the toilet and washbasin is a bit similar, so you need to look carefully to distinguish them. On the wall, a floating countertop which is made of the wooden material is mounted. Behind this wooden countertop, the cove lighting system is used to brighten up this area.

Another floating countertop is also made. However, this is made from different material and it is equipped with a mirror which is set on the wall. In these two countertops, you can add more ornaments as you desire. For the main lighting system, this room is enlightened by some recessed lights which are planted on the ceiling.

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