Change Your Formal Dining Room Becomes More Casual

Casual Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Is your dining room too formal? If yes, surely, you just use it for some formal events, for instance, inviting your friends to celebrate a special day. It becomes lamentable because rarely to be used. However, with some tricks you can change your dining room more casual so your family and you can enjoy the quality time in that room.

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The heavy impression in your dining room is usually because of the luxurious looks of furniture and decoration. Mahogany table and chairs with smooth varnish are the characters of the formal dining room which is placed in the middle of dining room. Meanwhile, the wall side has usually placed some shelves to display ceramic and crystal dining equipment.

To change the stiff appearance in your dining room, move the luxurious furniture and replace it with a more casual one. The furniture must be easy to be cleaned for daily use. Get rid of some luxurious equipment from the shelves and replace it with some books. This arrangement will give warm touch in your dining room and more homey.

Change the tablecloth

Your dining table may use linen with laces tablecloth which looks glamour and rich. If you want to make it more casual, you must change it with the simplest one. The rich material of tablecloth is not appropriate if you use it for having the meal with your kids. You will find so many stains on it then you get difficult to clean it. Therefore you need to choose a simple tablecloth from cotton or other light fabrics.

The floral pattern of tablecloth may beautiful to be placed on your dining table. This pattern will give the shabby chic appearance which is elegant and casual. You can combine it with the matching pattern on the chair’s pads or use the ticking stripes and plaids pattern.

Wall paint

A formal dining room is usually painted with the dark color and attached to the wall panels. You don’t need to remove the panels to save your money. You just need to paint your wall with the neutral color such as grey, white, brown, or cream. Those colors will make your dining room looks outstanding but casual.

Additionally, you must pay attention for lighting in your dining room. Chandelier may be replaced with the pendant lights to avoid the formal looks of the dining room.

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