Bringing Natural Lighting into Dark Kitchens

Transparent Kitchen Windows Treatment

If you have a large kitchen with a lot of lighting option or have a small kitchen that feels dark and uncomfortable, you may want to let some natural light enters your kitchen. Kitchen natural lighting can come from various directions such as windows, overhead skylights, or even adjacent rooms located near the kitchen. Natural light helps to improve the lighting quality of your dark kitchen. It helps your preparation process and you can see your food better. In addition, natural light also makes your kitchen looks brighter. Here are some ideas to bring in natural light into the kitchen.

Fresh Kitchen Design With Natural Lighting : Bringing Natural Lighting into Dark KitchensKitchen With Glass Door Give The Natural Lights : Bringing Natural Lighting into Dark KitchensTransparent Kitchen Windows Treatment : Bringing Natural Lighting into Dark KitchensTwo Sided Glass Cabinet Bring The Natural Lighting Concept : Bringing Natural Lighting into Dark Kitchens

Architectural upgrades
Dark kitchens are often found in many homes, especially the old ones. You may think it is difficult to handle this problem, however, architectural upgrades such as the application of skylights, conservatory windows, and atrium will add kitchen natural lighting. To see what option you have, you should meet with a roofer or architect. Installing solar tubes is also a great idea. These tubes will reflect light from the roof into your dark kitchen. This idea is especially helpful if there is an attic or another floor above your kitchen.

Remove drapery or use lighter materials
Kitchen natural lighting can also be added in a dark kitchen by changing the treatment of the window. Using dark fabrics or heavy material is not a good choice because they will absorb the natural light before it illuminates the dark kitchen. For letting it sunlight, you need to use lighter materials such as linen, cotton, and other sheer materials. If you don’t demand privacy in your kitchen, consider removing all the drapery.

Be creative
Letting adjacent rooms to shine light into your kitchen is another way to add kitchen natural lighting. An example of furniture that allows you to do such thing is double-sided cabinetry with glass doors. Most kitchens tend to use a number of lower and upper cabinetry to separate the dining room from the kitchen. Cabinetry with glass doors can bring light into the kitchen.

Utilize what’s in the kitchen
In adding kitchen natural lighting, why don’t you repaint cabinets with white or a lighter color? It will save some money. Additionally, applying artificial lighting can be great as well. The artificial lighting will be useful at night when there is no natural light.

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