A Bold yet Attractive Red-Colored Kitchen

Small Space Kitchen With Red Cabinetry Ideas

Red is not a color that is easy to be combined. But psychologically, this color is able to create warmth, increase energy and spirit of the homeowner. Therefore, nowadays there are many kitchens that use red as the color. This color can give a bold, seductive, and attractive impression. If you use red as the color of your kitchen, you can combine it with black or white. Black can be used for the tabletop or backsplash. You can use white as the base color of your kitchen.

Red Colored Kitchen Decor : A Bold yet Attractive Red-Colored KitchenSmall Space Kitchen With Red Cabinetry Ideas : A Bold yet Attractive Red-Colored KitchenStunning Contemporary Red Colored Kitchen Design : A Bold yet Attractive Red-Colored KitchenTraditional Kitchen With Red Color Themes : A Bold yet Attractive Red-Colored Kitchen

Color combination of red in the kitchen
As described above, red can be combined with white or black. A red kitchen is very suitable to be combined with dark-colored granite or ceramic floor. The dark color can strengthen red and make your kitchen look more elegant and contemporary. The combination of red and dark color creates a neutral color in the room, so it can make the room more comfortable. You can tone down the impression of dominant colors by using white for the door frame, windowsills, ceiling, or wall. It will definitely create a harmony in your kitchen. A red-colored kitchen is now becoming a trend.

A minimalist red kitchen
It is quite easy to create a minimalist kitchen. As the homeowner, you should be able to choose the appropriate kitchen furniture and equipment that can support the design. The minimalist design is identical with the word ‘simple’. Therefore, there are several things to consider if you want a minimalist design. For those of you who love a red minimalist kitchen, you need to avoid the use of too many dark colors. For a minimalist kitchen, especially the red-colored one, use neutral and bright colors such as white. Then, choose a flooring material that has a minimalist design, for example, bright black ceramic tiles. The use of bright black ceramic tiles is intended so that it can reflect the furniture, kitchen equipment, and the wall. This way, your kitchen will have a minimalist yet spacious impression. The lighting of the kitchen should also be considered. It is better to avoid the use of yellowish light, choose a bright light like white. By doing so, your kitchen will look clean and comfortable.

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