Bedroom Color Tips Using Bold Color

Contemporary Bedroom With Bold Color Schemes

1. Indigo and white
Have you consider using indigo? this bold color scheme might be what you need. Try to use the indigo as a block color and go for the statement wall. After that you can break it up using some artwork. For example, you could use artwork in white and pale-wood frames to make the overall design better. Then make sure that you keep the pieces of furniture and flooring light together.
By using this simple combination of just one shade of blue and one shade of white you can give a big impact to your bedroom design. It won’t hurt to use this kind of bold color scheme right? Make sure to watch out from mix up too many deep blue or neutrals. It will only cause the hues to lose the effect.

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Since there are a lot of fabrics and wallpapers to choice from, if you are currently looking for a softer look, then you might want to try dye effects, such as ombre or dip-dye. Looking something far stronger? then go for batik and ikat designs.
You can also add deep orange accent shade for this kind of bold color scheme will. It will help you to dress up the whole room.

2. Bright and white
For the next bold color scheme tips, how about using bright and white? The bright will look great against any white background. The pop of color can have impact without being feeling too much. For those who feel not suitable with modern furniture, then we suggesting you to use vintage or painted pieces inside your bedroom.

Choosing modern floral, geometric motifs, ikats and graphic stripes on wallpaper is good as well. There are no need to be afraid from clashing the prints. fabric and artworks can provide you an eye-catching and contemporary scheme inside your bedroom. It’s the correct way to use this kind of bold color scheme.

you can start expressing yourself by create a rainbow feel. For this mission you might need a palette of hot pink, fluoro yellow, cobalt blue and punchy orange. Just mix them together and be creative.

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