The Best Bedroom Color to Get Better Sleep

Do you have a sleeping problem? To get productive during the day usually, people will need about seven hours of sleep. It's important to customize your bedroom to boost your sleep, as you already know humans spend most of their lifetime on sleep. Then bedroom is the important place because we spend most of our time inside of it. Do you agree?

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Then there is stunning fact that you can increase the chance of getting a good quality of sleep in a specific colored bedroom. The color that works well for this sleeping boost is blue, yellow, green, silver and orange. A hotel booking sites even studied 2,000 British homes to understand which color is the best for helping to get a good sleep. In this study, they found that every night, people who slept in a blue bedroom were sleeping at 7 hours and 52 minutes. The author of this study associated the reason of these people gets a good quality of sleep with the characteristic of blue color. Blue color is associated with calmness, this kind of color can helps to reduce blood pressure and heart rate. Then in this study say that color can carry emotions and give impact toward people’s moods.

As described above that blue color is the best color for sleep support.

People get 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleeping time inside of a blue bedroom. Then the second best color to help you get a better sleep is yellow, it helps people to get 7 hours and 40 minutes of sleep. Then the next color is green with 7 hours and 36 minutes then followed by silver with 7 hours and 33 minutes and you can get 7 hours and 28 minutes from using orange color for the room.

There is another fact that the study finds out. 58% of the people who reported waking up with happy feeling are sleeping side of the blue bedroom. Meanwhile, 22% of the people who have a green bedroom wake up feeling upbeat and positive in the morning. To motivate you in the morning you might need to decor your bedroom in silver. The study also says that 21% people with silver decor are more motivated to exercise in the bedroom.

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