Beautifying Your Own Bathroom Using Green Forest Theme

green tropical bathroom design

The green scenery of the forest can present a calm atmosphere for sure. The natural beauty displayed makes our minds peaceful. In order to create a forest bathroom, a mural wall might be a good idea to embody it. Plus, with some extra efforts added, you can own a bathroom that gives you an experience as if you really were in a forest. Here are some bathroom designs that you can apply.

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A white rectangular freestanding bathtub equipped with an elegant silver-colored faucet is placed close to the mural wall which displays the beauty of nature with a lot of high trees are neatly planted in the left and right sides. A white round table with a black pedestal functions to place your needs. You can also use this table to put an ornament like some flowers in the glass vase to make your bathroom charming even more.

A forest green wall mural used as the backdrop is able to present a natural atmosphere to the overall appearance. Plus, the LED light embellishes this forest mural and makes an illusion as if the solar light illuminated the forest from the crevices of the leaves. Moreover, a circular bathtub planted on the bamboo wood floor and water falling down from the ceiling then filling the tub as if you were bathing under a waterfall. The wood floor is decorated with some candles which are able to present a lighting ambiance. A bowl-shaped sink is placed on the countertop together with an arched stainless metal faucet. As the partitions, the shower box utilizes transparent glass and the cove lights enlighten this area.

Fulfilled with many natural materials, such as pebbles, wood, and plants is really exciting for sure, particularly if you have a house very close to trees and the location of the bathroom is on the upper floor. Locate a freestanding tub near the windows and surround it with many pebbles so that you can enjoy that greenery view. The bright brown wood and the dark brown wood present a great contrast for the room. The selection of the vanity which has the same color with the floor is so harmonious.

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