Beautiful Minimalist Decorating Ideas of the Bathrooms

small renovated bathroom in attic with skylight

Creating the natural lighting systems in the bathroom to let the light come would be better than only installing the artificial. However, some of you maybe feel uncomfortable because you can’t get privacy if installing them. There are several ways to create the natural lighting systems yet still able to give you privacy.

Minimalist And Natural Bathroom Concept : Beautiful Minimalist Decorating Ideas of the Bathroomssmall renovated bathroom in attic with skylight : Beautiful Minimalist Decorating Ideas of the BathroomsStunning Minimalist Bathroom With Black And White Theme : Beautiful Minimalist Decorating Ideas of the Bathroomsultra modern bathroom design with grey walls and deep purple accents : Beautiful Minimalist Decorating Ideas of the Bathrooms

This bathroom is designed modernly with some deep purple accents that make the room look a bit glorious and molding ceiling. In the bathing area where the double sinks are also located, there is a white-framed window in a high position that lets you have privacy while bathing time. Gray matte tones are used for the walls and floors. Above the sinks, there is a big mirror that can be used to check your appearance. There are two fluffy purple-colored floor mats. And, the towel which is hanging in the towel hanger also has the matching tone with those mats. The under part wall of the sinks is painted with the shiny purple and even you can see the reflection on this wall.

A small space of the attic in your house can be turned into a minimalist bathroom. The tilted roof can be used to install a skylight that directly presents you a beauty scenery of the sky. This bathroom provides you a bathtub which is set in the corner of the room so that you can add the appliances in the remaining spaces more freely. A simple rectangular white-colored cloakroom sink is mounted on the wall and is also equipped with a wooden open rack under it. There is also an open storage planted on the wall in the opposite corner side of the bathtub. Two toilets mounted are provided in the floating position. Because the toilets, rack, and sink are installed in this kind of position, some inches of the floors are available and can avoid the overcrowded impression. It is not only the skylight which is mounted on the tilted roof but also the mirror. Thus, you need to look up when you want to use this mirror. Some artificial lighting systems are provided to brighten up the whole area.

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