Beautiful Decorative Plants Bathroom

Modern Bathroom With Decorative Plants Ideas

Each person must have an experience sniffing stinky smell that comes out from their bathrooms even though they always do a regular cleaning. Normally, if this unpleasant moment comes, they will place an artificial air freshener to get rid out of this odor. There is another way that can be done if you experience this problem in your bathroom; that is by adding some plants in your bathroom. Several natural plants would be a very nice idea to overcome this matter. They are not only able to get rid the smell but also beautify the entire room with natural touches. Plus, these plants are also capable of absorbing Carbon Dioxide in the room and turn it into oxygen which can present the natural freshness.

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However, there is a next question that should be taken into a consideration, particularly for people who don’t know exactly about plants. What types of plants that would be suitable? Most of the plants really need a sufficient lighting from the sunlight. This is essential for the appropriate and perfect growth of these plants. Meanwhile, the location of a bathroom is not strategic enough to supply this natural light. That’s why I wrote this article to give you some pieces of the information about many plants that are adaptable in the bathroom.

Cactus Flower

Basically, a cactus plant has the ability to survive in the environment which is a lack of water. As an ornament, this plant produces some colorful flowers that make a bathroom even more beautiful. Other than that this plant is very beneficial as the air circulation.


This type of the plant is very popular in a lot of homeowners. This plant doesn’t only have a function as a decorative plant but it is also beneficial to counteract the radiation. Furthermore, it can still survive in a place that doesn’t supply too much water and light like a bathroom.

Aster and Gerbera

Physically, aster and gerbera look similar. These kinds of flowers are varied in colors, such as red, blue, yellow, orange, white, purple, and green. The colors are capable of presenting a cheerful atmosphere to a bathroom.

Aloe Vera

The green color of Aloe Vera brings out the freshness of the bathroom. Plus, this plant can filter the pollutant left in the room.

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