Attractive Layout for Dining Room Decoration

Comfortable Dining Room Design Layout in Large Space

As a place to spend more time with family together, dining room must be comfortable enough. Dining room is not just reflecting you as a personal but also make you and people around you enjoy. When you consider creating the perfect layout, first come to mind is room size. Room size will help you make a decision when choosing the furniture size and the placement. Follow these tips to know more about setting the comfortable space of dining room.

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Put the dining room table on the right distance

Set the table at least 36 inches from the wall around. This will comfortably you when taking the chair out and put the chair back. Nevertheless, if there still a lot of space you should set it to 42-48 inches. It will make the dining room feel spacious.

Doing a party

If you want to set a family gathering or party, you only can set the people eight to twelve at the table. However, if you create a bigger party, you should place couple small table just to store the food. Avoid using the biggest table to having dined together.

When you have a large space dining room

Larger space is better; it makes your guest flexible to moving around. Firstly, determine the style to make easy when choosing the furniture. Secondly, set the dining room as the focal point. Once you set everything on the right side, you will know where to place the other.

For the rest space that still available you can make it as a beauty corner, you can set a shelf to store accessories. Buffet hutch is popular dining room furniture; this fits in any décor. You can also place the large structure likes extra cabinetry to store any dining stuff. Remember to put it 36 inches space between the cabinet and the table.

What about small dining room

Challenge start when talking about décor a small space dining room. You should have a removable leaf of dining room table. This will make the room looks airy and spacious. Better to set one or two chairs and store the resting chair. Use the other chair just in case. It affects the dining room so much and feels less crowded.

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