Asian Dining Room Decorating Styles

Modern Asian Style Dining Room Decoration with Zen Atmosphere

Renew your dining room look with Asian style dining room. Asian style is known as oriental design, and when it comes to talking about this design tradition is very important. Asian design offers a fine quality of dining room furniture. So, you do not need to worry about the maintenance of the furniture. This will last in years. So, here some of Asian design you should know.

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Japanese tatami dining room

Surrounded by nice view of little garden. A floor-to-ceiling glass window let the sunlight enter naturally. Wooden ceiling creates a nature ambiance. Soft lighting makes the dining room feels warm. The low table brings the Japanese atmosphere into your dining room. Flooring in tatami makes the dining room looks perfect. And don’t forget about the wooden curtain in this unique dining room; just pull it down if you want to. Generally, Japanese dining room style has no chairs around the table; this is because the table is too low. So, add fluffy pillow can embellish the dining room appearing.

Add Zen atmosphere into the dining room

You can put chairs on the Asian style dining room, but of courses, in a higher table. Use a wooden table to spice up the dining look and strengthen the Asian ambiance. Apply neutral color as the wall painting such as white and cream. Artistic chandelier warms the entire dining room, spreads the light in a unique way. Put a console table at the corner to store some accessories strengthen the Zen artwork with Buddhist head sculpture.

Asian dining room with pop-up table

The same color of floor, wall, and ceiling bring harmonize to the whole room, even the door. This table is unique when you are not used it you can hide it. The table looks like disappear and turns into the floor. The comfy floor cushion is such kind incredible finishing. This design is really flexible and comfortable.

Dining living Japanese style

Use the same principal with the design above. The rectangular table is designed to disappear when you not using it. This kind of design allows you to serve for a multi-purpose dining room. with the television inside it, you can continue to chit and chat with your family.


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