Antique White and Blue Bedroom Style

Lovely Bedroom With Blue And White Color Scheme

In this modern day where we do a lot of activity and do require a lot of movement around it will turned up your body. The more activity you have, the more exhausted both of your body and mind. Sometimes just asleep not even enough, you need more just that comfortable bedroom that can support your sleep.

Blue And White Bedroom Decorating Ideas : Antique White and Blue Bedroom StyleCountry Bedroom With Blue And White Colosr Combination : Antique White and Blue Bedroom StyleLovely Bedroom With Blue And White Color Scheme : Antique White and Blue Bedroom StyleWhite And Blue Traditional Bedroom Theme : Antique White and Blue Bedroom Style

Do you want to feel a new sleeping experience? It's essential to give new sleeping experience since nowadays the bedroom already has multiple purposes. Well, the main purpose is still to provide you a good quality of sleep. But then, now we need to decorate the room into far more welcoming or make it unique to express personal interest.

If you are the one with retro style, then you might find this bedroom style interesting for you. Check this out.

How about the cottage bedroom above? Do you love it? This bedroom design is very inspirational. Sometimes we do need to back to the old day, escaping from modern stressful day.

You can see the antique of the room by simply look at the pattern that used for the warmer. Century-old quilts in Pinwheel and Bear's Paw patterns really bring out the charm of the old century, especially after combined with wrought-iron beds. The combination of antique beds dressed with old fashion pattern really blends well. The rug adds warmth to space and also enhance the overall design

Clearly, the homeowner picks them up to make balance in the room. This room main color is the combination of white and blue, the blue colors providing a relaxing atmosphere around, while white color can lighten up the room’s mood. This combination perfectly blends together and makes this bedroom so antique and unique.

And to complete the piece of puzzle, the owner decide to use demijohn lamp, this lamp is boosting the uniqueness of the room. Place it under the video will help to reflect the lighting during the day, while at night it can be used it light the room. You can purchase it from a local antique shop; it would be lovely to have one in your room.

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