6 Practical Ideas of Kitchen Renovation

Nice and Cute Kitchen Accessories Decor Ideas

A limited fund is no longer a reason not to change the look of a boring or dull kitchen. With a little creativity and effort, you can renovate your kitchen without the need to spend much money. There are actually a lot of practical and inexpensive ideas that can be done to change the kitchen’s look. Some of them include:

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Chang the color of the wall

You can repaint the wall of the kitchen with bright colors such as white, ivory, or green to freshen your visual. If you don’t want to bother, simply repaint some dominant parts of the wall and keep the rest with the existing color. Of course, you have to combine the right colors so that the result looks harmonious and lovely.

Paint the kitchen cabinet

A simpler way that you can do is to paint the kitchen cabinet or hanging cabinet in the kitchen. In addition, replacing the kitchen cabinet door with frosted glass or sandblasted glass can also be a solution to beautify the kitchen’s look.

Open shelves or wall shelves

You can add open shelves or wall shelves on the backsplash for putting spices, small potted plants, or just accessories.

Decorate the backsplash

The partition wall between the kitchen counter and the hanging cabinet or commonly known as the backsplash is a part that you can decorate. You can either replace the material of the backsplash or paste wall stickers on it to change its look.

Add accessories

Don’t underestimate the decorative elements because its application is proven to change the look of the kitchen so that it doesn’t look monotonous. One way is by putting artificial flowers in the corner of the kitchen counter, displaying lovely patterned plates in the display cabinet or replacing the window blinds.

Decorative lamps

Adding a pendant lamp above the kitchen island is also an effective way to change the atmosphere of the room. Choose a lamp armature design according to the theme of your kitchen design. If the theme is minimalist, then you should choose a lamp armature with a simple shape such as round or oval. This way, the look of the kitchen will look more harmonious.

Those are 6 practical ideas you can try to change the look of your kitchen. Good luck!

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