6 Mistakes Made in Decorating a Small Bedroom

A small bedroom is indeed bringing a challenge to decorate it. It required a high creativity and imagination to create a sense of comfort in a small room so that various stuff placed in the room don’t create a crowded impression in the room. There are 6 common mistakes made in decorating a small bedroom that makes it looks uncomfortable. Below are those mistakes.

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Utilizing the space horizontally, not vertically

Not many people think to utilize the space vertically. Most of them will put their stuff horizontally so that it will take the space that actually limited. You can use the bedroom walls by making some shelves or partition arrangement to store stuff.

Folding clothes, not hang them

Never organize your clothes by folding them; instead, you should hang them. By doing so, you will have spaces to store shoes and other stuff in the closet partition provided.

Beds are always on the floor

Generally, beds are attached to the floor. Try something different by making the bed seems floating above the floor. Propping the bed with stairs is the most convenient and least expensive way to provide storage space under the bed.

Putting everything into the drawer

You may often put a variety of stuff into the drawer. This indeed can make your room looks neat on the outside but your drawer will get messy. Make some partition on the drawer and divide it into several parts so that the stuff can be stored in the drawer neatly and orderly.

Using dark paint color

Dark paint colors can make the room looks crowded and cramped. Give bright and glowing colors to your small bedroom so that the room looks livelier and create an illusion where the room looks wider.

Letting the room in a messy condition

Having too many stuff scattered in a small room can certainly make your room looks cramped. Keep stuff that are likely not to be used in the near future and get rid of some of them that are not used by throwing them away or maybe selling them.

A small bedroom is not bad. In fact, it’s simple and easy to clean. But, to create a beautiful and comfortable small bedroom, you need to make sure that the room décor is suitable for the room and doesn’t make it looks crowded.

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