5 Interesting Ideas to Decorate a Kitchen

Elegant Modern Kitchen Decor with Red and White Nuance

Generally, the kitchen is always regarded as a place that is dirty and messy. This presumption arises because the kitchen is a place to cook and thus prone to dirt, either from food spills, water and oil splashes, dust, and so on. However now, the kitchen is no longer has such impression. The kitchen has become a place not only for cooking but also for other activities such as having a meal, relax with family while snacking or sipping coffee, etc. Moreover, the kitchen is also often shown off to guests who visit. Therefore, you shouldn’t decorate your kitchen carelessly. Here are 5 interesting ideas to decorate your kitchen.

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Bold colors

If you want to decorate your kitchen in a modern style, use bold colors such as red. These bold colors can be used as the main color or can be combined with neutral colors. Don’t forget to use a shiny or glossy finishing.

Add natural elements to the design

The use of white color in the kitchen will indeed create a clean impression. White will look more beautiful if it combined with natural elements to create a natural look. A natural look can make the kitchen feel more comfortable. You can use natural materials such as tabletop made of natural stone or wood-like finishing.

The addition of a kitchen island

There will always be warmth while sitting with the family in the kitchen enjoying a meal. To get such an atmosphere, add a kitchen island in your kitchen. A kitchen island is a kitchen counter that is not attached to the wall. However, you need to adjust the size of the kitchen island with the available space in the kitchen.


Not only the bedroom and living room, the kitchen can also be designed with a theme. One theme that can be applied in the kitchen is country. To create such theme, you can add wood elements or exposed bricks in the kitchen and it will definitely look lovely.


Lights, besides providing illumination in doing activities, can also create an ambience. Choose a light shape according to your kitchen design. Don’t forget to consider its position as well.

As long as you are creative in decorating your kitchen, it can look as beautiful as you wish. Good luck!

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