4 Types of Wardrobe for Modern Minimalist Bedroom

The choice of furniture for a modern minimalist bedroom should be considered carefully and precisely so that the furniture won’t take many spaces but still can provide its original function. One of furniture that needs consideration is wardrobe. Below are 4 types of wardrobe for a modern minimalist bedroom.

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Sliding Wardrobe

Wardrobe with a sliding-type door is indeed very suitable for minimalist bedroom although the rest of the space will be cramped. With this kind of door, you don’t have to give a wide distance between the wardrobe and other furniture. Match the sliding wardrobe with your room theme and wall color so that it can be an important point of your room.

Mirrored Wardrobe

To manage a cramped or small bedroom, you don’t need to add or put a lot of furniture because it will make the room look more crowded and too full. What you can do is you should choose a mirrored wardrobe. The mirror of the wardrobe will reflect the light as well as the whole room so that it makes the room look more spacious. Either the sliding-type door wardrobe or the classic type can be applied as long as the wardrobe has a mirror attached to it.

Wall Wardrobe

If the room is really cramped and it is not possible to put a small or medium size wardrobe, then you can use the wall as a place to put your wardrobe. The concept is almost similar to safety box which is placed inside the wall so it doesn’t necessarily need a large space. With a wall wardrobe, you can put various kinds of clothes as well as other items that support your daily appearance.

No Door Wardrobe

Sometimes the wardrobe door must have an appropriate distance with other furniture so that the door will not hit other furniture when it opened and also the person who opens it can pass through a gap between the door and other furniture. Some people consider it to be ineffective given the cramped room so they started to switch to use no door wardrobe so that the contents clearly visible.

Hopefully, those various choices of wardrobe can provide inspiration and also an overview of the concept of a modern minimalist bedroom for you so that you can maximize the furniture function without having to take many spaces.

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